In 1888, several families who had been worshipping in the Cottonwood community, decided to move into a building in Wylie. The church continued until just before the turn of the century, when several families separated themselves from the group and returned to Cottonwood. This created an absence of the church in Wylie until the summer of 1933. Dr. G.P. Maynard and Mr. Ernest Tolleson arranged for a gospel meeting to be held and conducted by J.I. Reagin. A large crowd of people attended from the community and during that meeting one of the charter members, Mrs. Genevieve Ellenberg, was baptized.

Other charter members were from the families of G.P. Maynard, Ernest Tolleson, Thelma Newsom Allen and her boys, Mrs. Mattie Bowman, Mrs. Elizabeth Russell, and E.D. Ellenberg, Sr. In the early fall, Mrs. Annie Seabourn Baber and her boys and Mrs. Genia Wells began worship with the church. Different preachers came each Sunday and gospel meetings were often held.

In 1935, the church bought a small concrete building (located on now Ballard Street) and began to worship in that facility each Lord’s Day. By that time, Mrs. Jeff Knight, Mrs. Emma Massey, and the families of Tom Bozeman, Ed Wood, Marion Smith, and Claude Allen had joined in the work and worship of the church in Wylie.

In this building, Bible classes for all ages began to be conducted. In 1942, Annie Seabourn Baber became the teacher for the young children, Mr. Elzie Smith taught the young people, and Dr. Maynard taught the adults.

In 1948, due to the church growth and the need for more space, land on the corner of Second and Butler streets was purchased and the church began to meet there in 1949. The Wylie church continued to grow and in December 1967 our first service was at the present location.

Many part-time preachers served over the years. In the mid-sixties, Jim Dollar became the first full-time preacher for the church in Wylie. Following him were Willis Dykes, Nolan Kennedy, Robert Gruver, James Snyder, Wayne Burger, Darwin Hunter, Stan King, Hal Smith, Andy Burns, Duane Patton, and presently Alvis Nichols.